About Metova


Metova Federal is a privately owned business founded in 2011 that has provided information technology services to more than 150 organizations as a tailored training solution provider.  We specialize in providing technology services and support, software development services, system and network engineering and administration, infrastructure design and installation, instructor-led and distributed training support. We have a competent corporate management structure and a skilled workforce that has created an atmosphere where we have become a credible company within the Commercial Industry and Federal Government community. The range of our services, the quality of our work, and the skills of our employees represent the core ability of Metova, to deliver flexible, responsive resources with the expertise, practical solutions, and affordable high quality that is critical to the successful performance of the service and support required.

Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality products and superior services and solutions to our clients at a competitive price resulted in Metova experiencing consistent growth for the past seven years. Metova’s work culture empowers each of our employees—from frontline program analysts and technicians to client executives—to make decisions and take actions to ensure we deliver the best value to our customers. Our vision is to serve as the premier solutions provider for the Department of Defense (DoD), other Federal Agencies, and Commercial Industry, providing unsurpassed infrastructure sustainment and modernization support to our Nation.


John Adams

Chief Executive Officer

John Adams is the Chief Executive Officer of Metova Federal. He joined Metova in 2012, bringing more than 30 years of technology industry leadership and experience. John oversees the corporate direction and strategy of Metova, focusing on leadership, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Prior to coming to Metova, he was the Executive Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Business Solutions for a leading DoD contracting company where he led that company’s growth to double during his tenure. John has over 23 years of military service in a variety of leadership and technical roles from tactical communications, software engineering, systems integration analyst, data processing, and signal operations. Throughout his career as an enlisted, warrant, and commissioned officer, John has been a recognized leader in communications and technology. John has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, and a Master’s Certificate in Information Technology Project Management from Carnegie Mellon.

Bill Dunn

Executive Vice President

Bill has over 30 years of military and corporate experience specializing in cyberspace operations, information technology and management. Prior to entering the commercial sector, he served in the Navy with active duty experience including over twenty-three years in cryptology and as an Information Warfare Officer. Before joining Metova in 2014, Bill worked in support of large defense firms in varying roles and increased responsibility from Director of Cyberspace Operations to Chief Technology Officer. Bill is a recognized expert in cyberspace operations and training in both formal classrooms and employing virtual & synthetic environments. Under his leadership as a lead for cyber simulator development, the Joint Cyberspace Operations Range (JCOR) and the Army Guard Enhanced Networks Training Simulators (ARGENTS) were developed and placed into service. Bill has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Network Systems and a Master’s of Science in Management with a focus on Strategic Management.


Danny Vice

Vice President, Operations

Danny has more than 28 years of experience in leading and managing both military and civilian information management systems. Prior to joining Metova in May of 2014, he was the Current Operations Branch Chief at the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, Georgia where he was responsible for the modernization and transformation of the Signal Regiment and systems requiring communication connectivity. Throughout his career as a commissioned officer, Danny has been a recognized leader in communications and information technology. He has served in numerous positions from Network Operations Chief, Tactical Communications leader, Information Assurance Manager, Chief of Mission Command Training Capabilities Program, Chief of Distributed Learning and Chief of Training Systems integration. Danny holds a Bachelor’s in Business and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is a PMP.


Metova has customers and relationships in both the public and private sectors. Our team has designed, implemented and administered mission critical systems in highly visible organizations across the nation and region including the following.

We also have more than 200 commercial customers in a variety of public sectors, including public education, healthcare, banking, finance and accounting.


When you contract Metova Federal as your IT consultant, you not only get our expert staff, but you also reap the benefits of the strategic alliances and partnerships we have nurtured throughout the years. Their support helps us to support you better. A partial list of our partners includes:

    • Sonalysts

    • SAIC

    • Advanced Technology Leaders

    • NCI Information Systems, Inc

    • Decypher Technologies, LTD

    • JANUS Research Group, Inc.

    • GDIT

    • CRCS

    • DELL

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